Super Bowl Odds 2020

For many football fans, the focus has moved to 2020 Super Bowl futures and betting as we near the NFL post-season. Whether your team is struggling or already eliminated, there is value to be had in the latest Super Bowl Odds at NJ Sports Betting sites

One of the more popular NFL public betting markets at DraftKings Sportsbook NJ all season long is the Super Bowl futures market, with odds fluctuating rapidly.


Looking at the Super Bowl Odds Movement since before the season started to now, you can see just how crazy the NFL season can be. DraftKings Sportsbook provides us with a chart to illustrate just that.

Here is a look at some notable odds movement from Week 1 to now from DraftKings Sportsbook.

Team Pre-Week 1 Current Odds Shift
Bills 8000 3500 -4500
Ravens 3300 225 -3075
49ers 4000 650 -3350
Seahawks 3000 800 -2200
Packers 2200 1400 -800
Browns 1400 100000 98600
Eagles 1200 4000 2800
Steelers 1800 7500 5700
Chargers 1400 OTB OTB
Bears 1600 OTB OTB

Notable 2020 Super Bowl Odds Movement

Baltimore Ravens Favored

+3300 entering the season, +225 this week

Entering the 2019-2020 campaign, everyone had eyes on Lamar Jackson. Was he going to throw the ball better this year? Can he hold up running the ball the entire season? Is his style of play going to work in the NFL.

The Ravens are now +225 to win the Super Bowl, Lamar Jackson is the NFL MVP, and the Ravens are being debated as the best team in the NFL.

If you got Baltimore at +3300 before the season started, you are feeling great about yourself entering week 16, as the Ravens look for home field advantage and a chance to rest their players in Week 17.

Seattle Seahawks Surging

+3000 entering the season, +800 this week

If not for Lamar Jackson this season, Russell Wilson is likely the NFL’s MVP.

No one thought the Seahawks would be 11-3 entering Week 16 of the season, and it’s all because of Russell Wilson.

Going from +3000 to +800 is no easy feat, especially in a tough division in the NFC West with the 49ers and Rams, and games against the Steelers, Saints, Ravens, Eagles, and Vikings on the schedule.

A tough schedule combined with 11 wins in 14 games means one thing, a good football team. The Seahawks are +800 to win the Super Bowl, and they will be a tough out in the playoffs, especially if they get to host playoff games.

Cleveland Browns …..done!

+1400 entering the season, +100000 this week

Well…they tried right?

After the Browns acquired Odell Beckham Jr., the Super Bowl odds jumped all the way to +1400. Now…they are +100000 to win the NFL crown. Plus one-hundred-thousand.

“Baker Mayfield has regressed, Freddie Kitchens is in over his head, the defense has disappointed”

Whichever of the narratives are true or false does not matter, the Browns have vastly underachieved based on their Super Bowl odds entering the season.

The weird part is, the Browns are one of two teams to beat the Baltimore Ravens and they handled them in Baltimore 40-25 in Week 4. Something will change this offseason in Cleveland, hopefully not as drastic as how their Super Bowl odds changed in 2019.



Jason Ziernicki