PointsBet is making their mark early often within the young NJ sports betting market. We recently covered their unique betting odds for Bryce Harper this Spring and for his first season with the Phillies.

Speaking of Spring, we are now into the second most popular betting timeframe of the year in New Jersey, March Madness! PointsBet has an exciting promo for the 2019 NCAA tournament that truly grabbed our attention.

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Simple promo details: All MARCH MADNESS GAMES – MAKE IT RAIN 3-Point Payout!
Place a Spreadline Bet, receive a $3 Bonus Bet for EVERY 3-Pointer your team scores!

When you place a $100 spread-bet on a tournament game, you will receive a FREE $3 bonus bet for any made 3-point shot by your team!

Top 10 3-Point Shooting Teams 2019 NCAA Tournament:

1. Auburn: 11.3 makes per game (37.6%)
2. Wofford: 11.0 makes per game (41.6%)
3. Villanova: 10.6 makes per game (35.3%)
4. Belmont: 10.5 makes per game (37.4%)*
5. Georgia State: 9.9 makes per game (38.8%)
6. Northeastern: 9.8 makes per game (38.8%)
7. Purdue: 9.7 makes per game (36.4%)
8. Virginia Tech: 9.6 makes per game (39.4%)
9. North Dakota State: 9.6 makes per game (36.6%)
10. Buffalo: 9.6 makes per game (33.5%)

#2: FREE $50 BET – No Deposit Required

Once again, PointsBet is differentiating themselves from the NJ sports betting competition with this free bonus offer. Just for signing up, PointsBet will give you a free $50 bet.

To be clear, no deposit is required to get the free bet. Just sign up and use our POINTSBET PROMO CODE to begin playing today and receive your free bet.

#3: Two Risk Free Bets up to $1000!

This PointsBet NJ Free Bet option is broken into two free $500 bets. The first is a free $500 bet to be used via their “PointsBetting” offer. The second free $500 bet is available for your normal spread bet option.

Yes, free bet bonuses are available on other NJ Online Sportsbooks, but PointsBet offers a subtle options. You can use your refunded bet amount within smaller bet options. You do not have place one $500 wager with your refunded bonus bet. You can break it up into two $250 bets. A small difference from other NJ Sports Betting sites, but we like it.

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