A case of the Mondays has been a term coined and dreaded for decades, but that does not have to be the case thanks to BetMGM NJ.

BetMGM launches their new “Money Monday Club“, which is a terrific, and unique, boost for New Jersey Sports Betting fans.

Loyalty programs are all very similar in a competitive industry, and BetMGM is taking the next step offering a new type of loyalty rewards, and it’s very easy for bettors to get into the “club”. It has been a busy fall/winter season for BetMGM as they launched a major marketing agreement with Yahoo, coined by the media as Yahoo/BetMGM sportsbook.

With major competitors like DraftKings and William Hill NJ utilizing major advertising budgets, BetMGM will need every promo they can offer.


How Does BetMGM Money Monday Club Work?

All you have to do is be a BetMGM bettor.

  1. Register for BetMGM by clicking HERE.
  2. Opt-in to the Money Monday Club, you only need to do this once.
  3. Bet at least $50 during a weekly time period (Monday – Sunday)
  4. Enjoy the Money Monday Club!

Once you do the above, you will automatically be entered and get a free $10 bet the following Monday. If you continue to meet the standards, you will get $10 to bet each and every Monday. Keep in mind, this is a very easy task to attain given the time period of sports betting. NFL is approaching the playoffs, NBA and college basketball are in full swing, college football playoffs have just been set and the NHL, soccer and other sports are in season as well.

$50 total in bets for a seven day period is a very easy floor to break, and it will give bettors access to BetMGM’s “Money Monday Club”.


Why Should You Join the Money Monday Club?

BetMGM’s “Money Monday Club” is a new form of rewards on BetMGM in New Jersey, where each user will get free bets, price boosts and more each Monday.

After opting in and playing through at least $50, Money Monday Club members will not only have access to the free $10 bet each Monday, but plenty of other perks as well.

Club Perks include:

  • Price Boosts
  • Opportunity to win tickets to sporting events
  • Other prizes

In essence, the Money Monday Club is a loyalty program that rewards BetMGM bettors who consistently use the site. It is quite similar to rewards in casinos in Atlantic City, where BetMGM online casino programs reward members for spending time (and money) at their casinos, with comped meals, free stays at hotels, and more. This is the sportsbook version. Since BetMGM also owns the Borgata online casino and Borgata Sportsbook app, a similar promotion will probably go live on those digital properties soon.

The price boosts will be worth it for consistent bettors, as boosts have become quite competitive in New Jersey, especially for games based locally with the New Jersey and/or New York or Philadelphia teams.

A chance to win tickets is always fun as well, as tickets for professional games are becoming quite expensive.