College Basketball Consensus Picks: Who is The Public Betting On?

Who is the public betting on tonight in college basketball? Ask any sports bettor about their daily sports betting routine and it will include knowing college basketball consensus picks for the night. Fading the public is a popular strategy that is discussed all day at NJ online Sportsbooks. The overall concept of going against the grain sounds good for sure, but the overall returns are essentially the same as any another approach to sports betting.

With March Madness Betting providing big numbers in NJ, we provide an aggregate of the consensus college basketball betting picks published on a daily basis. The average public picks percentages for each college basketball game during the 2020 season is in the table below. You can also check out our NBA Consensus Picks and NFL Consensus Picks.


NCAA Basketball Public Bets November 29, 2023

Check out the public bets percentages for tonight’s NCAA basketball games below. A consensus betting pick is normally classified as any selection with percentage greater than 60%, regardless of the pick being a favorite or underdog.

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