2019-2020 College Football bowl games are just around the corner for NJ online sports betting fans.

William Hill Sports Book provides us with betting trends and public betting percentages for all of the bowl games for your research.

Finding out what the public is betting is a key element of research for sports bettors, especially in the college realm with a notorious edge to be found.

Let’s take a look at some notable games and betting trends and percentages on the 2020 college football bowl games.


CFB Semifinal – #1 LSU vs. #4 Oklahoma

  • LSU -13
  • 73% of the total bets have come in on LSU, with 27% of the bets on Oklahoma.
  • 78% of the total money on this game is bet on LSU, with 22% of the money on Oklahoma.

The public clearly sides with likely Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow against Jalen Hurts and the Sooners, with 73% of the bets and a massive 78% of the total money.

For a game with a spread of nearly two touchdowns between #1 and #4, that is quite a heavy dose of money and total bets on the favorite.

LSU got the best matchup of the four against Oklahoma, but this is expected to be a high-scoring affair between two of the best offensive minds in all of football in Joe Brady and Lincoln Riley.


CFP Semifinal – #2 Ohio State vs. #3 Clemson

  • Clemson -2
  • 54% of the total bets have come in on Clemson, with 46% of the bets on Ohio State.
  • 67% of the total money on this game is bet on Clemson, with 33% of the money on Ohio State.

The public is split on total bets, with just 54% on Clemson and 46% on Ohio State, but there is way more money on Clemson at 67% compared to Ohio State’s 33%.

Neither team has lost in 2019, and this is arguably the two best defenses in the country, and definitely the two best defenses in the College Football Playoff.

Do not let the defenses fool you though, both teams can put up points in a hurry with both having future NFL quarterbacks in Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields.


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Other Notable Bowl Games Betting Trends

Here’s a look at some other notable bowl games, and their public betting odds and trends, courtesy of William Hill Sports Book US.

Citrus Bowl – Alabama vs. Michigan

  • Alabama -7
  • 91% of the total bets have come in on Alabama, with just 9% of the bets on Michigan.
  • 60% of the total money on this game is bet on Michigan, with 40% of the money on Alabama.

The disparity of bets to money wagered here is extremely significant. Think about it this way:

If there was 100 bets, 91 of them came in on Alabama with just nine bets on Michigan.

If there was $100 bet on this game, $60 was bet on Michigan, and only $40 on Alabama.

This means nine percent of the bets are wagering 40% of the total money, which means one thing.

There is heavy money on Michigan +7. Bet the Citrus Bowl accordingly.


Military Bowl – North Carolina vs. Temple

  • North Carolina -5
  • 61% of the total bets have come in on North Carolina, with just 39% of the bets on Temple.
  • 95% of the total money on this game is bet on Temple, with only 5% of the money on UNC.

Again, another heavy disparity on total bets and total money. This means 39% percent of the bets contain a whopping 95% of the money.

Heavy money is on Temple +5 in the Military Bowl.



Jason Ziernicki