Super Bowl Odds 2020

In the state of New Jersey, it has not exactly been fun a season at NJ Sportsbooks for Giants and Jets fans.

The Jets are 4-7, and the Giants are 4-9. Neither team has a chance to make the playoffs, so in New Jersey it’s all about following the futures market and make some money betting on football.

Each week, odds change based on a plethora of circumstances. Whether it be team success or lack thereof, injuries, or other factors…the odds will move. Usually, they move quite frequently.

DraftKings Sportsbook provides us with notable Super Bowl odds movement from last week to this week, as we enter Week 13 of the NFL.

Let’s take a look at the top five teams in terms of positive movement on DraftKings Sportsbook NJ:

Team Entering Week 12 Entering Week 13 Odds Movement
Texans 4000 3000 -1000
Seahawks 1400 1000 -400
Ravens 500 350 -150
49ers 700 600 -100
Saints 600 550 -50

and the ten teams in terms of negative odds movement:

Team Entering Week 12 Entering Week 13 Odds Movement
Lions 35000 75000 40000
Jaguars 25000 50000 25000
Broncos 30000 50000 20000
Falcons 35000 50000 15000
Chargers 12500 20000 7500
Panthers 8000 15000 7000
Rams 4000 10000 6000
Raiders 6000 10000 4000
Colts 5000 8000 3000
Eagles 2500 4000 1500


Notable Super Bowl Odds Movements


Houston Texans

+4000 last week, +3000 this week

At 7-4, the Texans are primed to win the AFC South after a big 20-17 win against the Colts. Houston is amongst the biggest gainers in terms of Super Bowl Odds, moving 1000 points to +3000 this week.

The problem is, they have a tough schedule coming up. In Week 13, the Texans face the Patriots on Sunday Night Football, then have to play the Titans twice in Weeks 15 and 17, respectively. Tennessee has been playing much better of late, and currently sit at just one game behind the Texans. Those two games will likely decide the division.

The Texans are led by Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Will Fuller in the passing game but the Texans’ rushing attack has been very good season behind the duo of Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson, who have combined for just under 1200 yards on 240 carries. The offense certainly carries Houston, and it will be the only way they continue their quest for a Super Bowl. Odds are rising, but be sure to keep an eye on these next few games for the Texans’ price.


Seattle Seahawks

+1400 last week, +1000 this week

After a win against the struggling Eagles, the Seahawks are now 9-2, tied for the second-best record in the NFL. Oddly, they are in a wild card spot right now given the San Francisco 49ers’ record of 10-1.

Seattle’s success is due largely in part by MVP candidate Russell Wilson, but Chris Carson and the rushing attack has helped as well. With that being said, Seattle’s defense will have to carry them into the playoffs and help Wilson if they want to be considered serious contenders for a Super Bowl title.

The Seahawks have five games left, and they face off against the Vikings, Rams, Panthers, Cardinals, and 49ers. It’s not the easiest slew of games, so we will learn a lot about the Seahawks in the next month. At 10:1 odds, it is likely worth waiting one more week to see the movement after a tough Vikings matchup in Week 13.


Carolina Panthers

+8000 last week, +15000 this week

The Panthers have been a roller coaster ride this season. They started off 0-2, lost Cam Newton for the season.

Then they ripped off four straight wins heading into the bye week and then moved to 5-3 after beating the Titans in Week 9. It went downhill fast after that.

Carolina has lost three straight to the Packers, Falcons, and Saints and now sit at 5-6 on the outside looking in of the NFC playoffs.

DraftKings Sportsbook has zero faith in their futures market, as they are now +15000 to win the Super Bowl.