Super Bowl Odds 2020

The New York Giants are 2-10, and currently sit at #2 in mock drafts. The New York Jets are the next team to be eliminated with a loss or wins from others. It has been a football season to forget for NJ Sportsbook football fans.

All the focus has come on futures and betting on other teams. One of the more popular betting markets at DraftKings Sportsbook all season long is the Super Bowl futures market, with odds changing all the time.

Each week, odds change based on a plethora of circumstances. Whether it be team success or lack thereof, injuries, or other factors…the odds will move. Usually, they move quite frequently.

DraftKings Sportsbook provides us with notable Super Bowl odds movement from last week to this week, as we enter Week 14 of the NFL.

Let’s take a look at some key Super Bowl Odds movements on DraftKings Sportsbook NJ:


Super Bowl Odds Changes
Team Pre-Week 13 Current Odds Shift
Ravens +500 +250 -250
Saints +600 +500 -100
Texans +3300 +2500 -800
Bills +6600 +4000 -2600
Patriots +270 +400 130
Eagles +2500 +6000 3500
Odds Provided by DraftKings Sportsbook


Notable Super Bowl Odds Movement


Baltimore Ravens

+500 last week, +250 this week

The Baltimore Ravens just keep on winning. Patriots? No problem. 49ers? No problem.

After losing two straight to the Chiefs and Browns in Weeks 3 and 4, some thought the Ravens were headed for an average season, despite a terrific first two weeks.

Baltimore has not lost a football game since Week 4, has scored at least 20 in every game, and has only allowed more than 17 points in a game twice.

Lamar Jackson is the overwhelming favorite to win MVP, the Ravens defense has shut down the Patriots, Texans, Rams, and Niners, and Greg Roman has the Ravens’ offense rolling with 406 points, leading the NFL by 57 points over the second-most (49ers).

At +250, the Ravens are the favorite to win it all and based on the last two months it is hard to argue against it.


Buffalo Bills

+6600 last week, +4000 this week

Are the Buffalo Bills for real?

The above is the question every football bettor has asked themselves countless times this season, as there are only five teams that have won more football games than the Bills.

The Saints, Ravens, Seahawks, Patriots, and Niners all are 10-2. Their Super Bowl odds are +500, +250, +800, +400, and +750 respectively. Next on the list is the Bills at 9-3 tied with the Packers. The Packers are +1600 to win the Super Bowl, and the Bills were +6600 last week. See the discrepancy?

The odds finally moved drastically, as the Bills are now +4000 to win the Super Bowl.

DraftKings Sportsbook is still not a full believer, as you can tell with the teams’ records above the Bills and their odds, but if you are a believer, +4000 is a terrific number for a 9-3 football team after an impressive win against the Cowboys.

The Bills have Baltimore in Week 14, so the answer to the question “Are the Bills for real?” will finally be answered. Get ahead of the game though, because if they beat the Ravens the odds will jump again.


Philadelphia Eagles

+2500 last week, +6000 this week

The Cowboys lost again, losing three of their last four games. The Redskins and Giants are struggling.

It was all there for the taking, the Eagles just had to beat the Miami Dolphins.

Then Ryan Fitzpatrick happened, and the Dolphins upset Philadelphia 37-31, putting the Eagles at 5-7 and their Super Bowl odds have fallen from +2500 to a whopping +6000.

The Eagles still hold control of their destiny, winning the NFC East if they win the rest of their games. With two against the Giants, one against the Redskins, that is possible. It will all come down to the Dallas Cowboys game, but it’s quite hard to imagine this Eagles team winning the Super Bowl after going 5-7 and losing to Miami.