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If you are betting on NJ Sportsbook Apps, you realize the importance of public betting trends. Whether it’s a group of friends, sharp bettors, or everyone it is all information that bettors want.

Thankfully, DraftKings Sportsbook provides us with that information week to week.

The key is to find or isolate certain NFL public bets that could be based on “recency bias” or potential trap games for sports bettors. That is how to focus on winning long term in betting.

To be clear, simply fading the public is not a magic formula. Monitoring NFL public bets or consensus picks should part of your overall strategy, not the only reason for backing a team.

Here’s a look at the NFL Week 14 Public Betting numbers on DraftKings Sportsbook.


Notable Games with Spread Consensus (Handle)

Teams Spread % Spread Handle % Spread Bets
Seahawks -1 93% 91%
Ravens -5.5 92% 87%
Cowboys -3 91% 86%
Steelers -2.5 91% 85%
49ers +2.5 88% 78%
Chargers -3 86% 66%

Only one underdog makes this list as a team taking a large number of the betting handle, and that’s the 49ers at +2.5. The rest of the top six are favorites, as you can see above.

Let’s look at some notable teams who have the majority of the betting handle.


San Francisco 49ers, 88%

The 49ers are the only underdog in the top six of total betting handle on the spread, which is quite interesting.

It’s not surprising bettors bet on the 49ers, who are truly one of the best teams in the NFL.

What is interesting is they fact that the Saints are only -2.5-point favorites at home this week against said 49ers. This game has a chance to be a NFC Championship preview, so be sure to tune in and track the action!


Baltimore Ravens, 92%

The Ravens continue to cruise, as they have won eight straight games including a terrific win last week over the 49ers. Baltimore has 92% of the bets this week at -5.5 in Buffalo against the Bills, but bettor’s must beware of the Bills.

Buffalo is the best team in the NFL against the spread, as they stand at 8-3-1 through 12 games.

Could this be another playoff preview? We will see, but bettors expect a Ravens win, given 92% of the handle placed on the road team.


Los Angeles Chargers, 86%

The Chargers?!

Yes, the Los Angeles Chargers come in as the team receiving the sixth-most money bet on a team in Week 14, and it likely has more to do with the Jaguars than the Chargers.

Jacksonville has struggled massively and has benched starting quarterback Nick Foles for rookie sensation Gardner Minshew. Three points is a lot for a road team, but the Chargers are getting healthier and always remember…Philip Rivers seems to have a chance to win the game for the Chargers each and every week. Whether or not that happens is one thing, but bettors believe in the Chargers in Week 14.


Notable Games with Spread Consensus (Bets)

Teams Spread % Spread Handle % Spread Bets
Seahawks -1 93% 91%
Ravens -5.5 92% 87%
Cowboys -3 91% 86%
Steelers -2.5 91% 85%

In Week 14, most bettors have followed the same path as far as handle and bets as the top four teams in percentage of bets on the spread are also the top four teams in terms of betting handle on the spread.

The Steelers are the only team that may surprise some, but they have ripped off a terrific stretch of football and seem to have some life for the playoffs behind their backups at seemingly all positions on offense.


The Underdogs

There are five underdogs that have the majority of the bets and handles on them this week. Only one has the majority of the bets, but not the handle.

Teams Spread % Spread Handle % Spread Bets
49ers +2.5 88% 78%
Dolphins +5 77% 80%
Chiefs +3 76% 80%
Bengals +8.5 65% 74%
Giants +9.5 59% 56%
Colts +3 56% 40%
Lions +12.5 46% 73%
  • The 49ers, Dolphins, Chiefs, Bengals, and Giants have the majority of the handle and the bets.
  • The Colts have the majority of the handle, but only 40% of the bets.
  • The Lions have 73% of the total bets, but only 46% of the dollars bet.