March Madness is the second-most popular betting event in sports in New Jersey. Of course first is the Super Bowl, but right after that is a massive three-week long binge of sports betting on dozens of college basketball games. With that comes free contests. DraftKings has released the biggest survivor pool with a $250,000 “March Mania Survival Pool” contest. In addition to $250,000 of prize money, DraftKings notes that “four random college grads get a chunk of their student debt paid off” as well. What has become a tradition at DraftKings in the last few years, these contests seem to get bigger and bigger. Let’s dive into the details, as this contest is free to enter.


How to Enter the DraftKings Survivor Pool in New Jersey


Entering the March Mania contest is simple. The first step is signing up for DraftKings Sportsbook, here. After you are signed up, follow these five easy steps.

  1. Opt-in to enter on the DraftKings March Survivor Pool page, by 12 PM EST on 3/19.
  2. Pick a team to advance. Each day, you will need to pick a team to win, survivor-style.
  3. If your team wins, you move onto the next round.
  4. You can only pick a team one time throughout the duration of the tournament. If you have no teams left to pick, you lose.
  5. If you advance to the end, you win your share of $250,000 and…your student loans paid off?

This is a good promotion to pick some New Jersey teams who will be in the NCAA Tournament, such as Seton Hall. With their success in the regular season, expect a high seed.


Have DraftKings Pay Your Student Loans!

In addition to the $250,000 prize pool, if you opt-in to DraftKings Survivor Pool sweetener, you could be one of four college grads to have a chunk of their student loans paid off. Recently graduate from a New Jersey institution with plenty of loans? DraftKings offers a chance to have those alleviated, in a great promotion.

DraftKings says “This is the land of the free, so see ya, debt.”

Read the sweepstakes details in entirety for official rules. New York and Florida residents are not eligible for this contest.


DraftKings March Mania Survivor Pool Strategy

The rules are simple in survivor pools, pick a team for each day and you can only use each team one time. For March Madness, there is plenty strategy to it with the amount of teams and seeding. Some may think to just pick the top seeds and be safe, but that hurts your chances in the long run. Of course, there is only one instance of a #1 seed losing in the first round, but quite often does at least one number one seed reach the Final Four. During the first two days, there will always be upsets. Underdogs have won on the first two days every single year, so a strategy will be finding the upset and either avoiding the higher-seeded team or going bold and picking the underdog.

Teams that received at-large bids in competitive conferences may be ranked lower than they should, we see it every single year. After the bracket is released, find some teams that made the tournament as at-large bids in conferences such as the ACC, B1G, or even the SEC, and match them up with teams that may have a great record but in a poor conference during the regular season.

Be sure to take advantage of the DraftKings March Mania Survivor Pool, for a free chance at $250,000 and a chance to have your student loans paid off!