Super Bowl Odds 2020

We’ve finally reached the end of the NFL season, which results in Super Bowl 54. Unfortunately, no local New Jersey teams are in the mix, as the Giants, Jets, or even the Eagles have all been sent home. With that being said, in New Jersey we have a freedom that not many else do yet, which is legally betting on the Super Bowl in NJ.

Super Bowl 54 is between the favored Kansas City Chiefs (-1) and the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers. There is no lack of star power for this heavyweight matchup, as Patrick Mahomes, George Kittle, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and the emerging Raheem Moster will take the field with one purpose, to win a Super Bowl.

For sports bettors, we have a stable of betting markets to take advantage of, including Super Bowl MVP. DraftKings Sportsbook provides us with the latest odds, trends, and public betting percentages to help you make well-informed bets on Super Bowl 54.


Super Bowl 54 MVP Odds

Player Super Bowl MVP Odds
Patrick Mahomes +110
Jimmy Garoppolo +200
Raheem Mostert +500
Tyreek Hill +1600
Travis Kelce +1600
George Kittle +2000
Damien Williams +2800
Nick Bosa +3300
Deebo Samuel +3500
Richard Sherman +6600

There are a total of 85 players with odds to win the Super Bowl 54 MVP on DraftKings Sportsbook, with odds ranging from +110 (Mahomes) to +50000 (Soloman Thomas, Morris Clairborne, and others). The leader in the clubhouse is Patrick Mahomes, who is the favorite at +110, but his counterpart in Jimmy Garoppolo is +200, and is the only other player with odds shorter than 10:1. Of the top 10 in terms of Super Bowl MVP odds, there are four Chiefs and six 49ers.


Super Bowl MVP Odds Betting Splits

Super Bowl MVP Betting Splits
Player Odds % Handle % Bets
Patrick Mahomes +110 43% 23%
George Kittle +2000 14% 12%
Raheem Mostert +500 10% 10%
Nick Bosa +3300 5% 9%
Tyreek Hill +1600 5% 8%
Travis Kelce +1600 4% 7%
Jimmy Garoppolo +200 4% 5%
Deebo Samuel +3500 3% 5%
Damien Williams +2800 2% 3%
Richard Sherman +6600 1% 3%
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The betting public loves Patrick Mahomes to win Super Bowl 54 MVP, as 43% of every dollar wagered has come in on Mahomes at +110. What is interesting is 23% of the bets have come in on Mahomes, which means there is a disparity between dollars wagered and total bets. This means one thing, heavy money has come in on Mahomes. If the Chiefs win, it is overwhelmingly likely that Mahomes is the Super Bowl MVP, which would validate the 43% of the betting handle coming in on Mahomes. In the conference championships, the betting public was correct. Will that happen again with Mahomes?

If the 49ers win though, the betting public is not sure who would be MVP. Garoppolo has the best odds at +200 of all 49ers, but George Kittle received 14% of the money, Raheem Mostert has 10% of the handle, and even Nick Bosa is ahead of Garoppolo. The public certainly does not think Garoppolo is the MVP if the 49ers win, but the sportsbooks would not mind him winning at just 4% of the total handle and 5% of the bets.


Quarterback Or Bust?

Nine of the last 13 Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks, and 29 of 53 all time have been quarterbacks. Traditionally, the QB of the winning team is the favorite to win the award unless said quarterback does not contribute much to the final score or a terrific individual performance takes over. With just three players having odds of +500 or better and two of them being quarterbacks, it is likely that either Mahomes or Garoppolo wins. Given that the other player at +500 or better is Raheem Mostert, a running back, that helps Mahomes or Garoppolo with Super Bowl betting history not favoring the running back. No running back has won the award since Terrell Davis two decades ago.

Super Bowl 54 will be a great one to watch, from a football fan’s perspective and also a bettor’s perspective. If Patrick Mahomes is not the MVP, who will be?