Draftkings Super Pool 2019

Many have asked, especially after the super contests in Las Vegas have the sports betting world by the horns. It’s finally here in New Jersey, as DraftKings Sportsbook has launched a season-long handicapping contest in NJ called the “DraftKings Super Pool“.

This is the first online sportsbook in New Jersey to offer such a contest, or Super Pool as they call it. There have been contests year after year in Nevada, and BetRivers offered one this year in PA, but it was not incredibly popular. 

This is DraftKings Sportsbok NJ though, who has a much larger reach and ability to spread across many platforms. Expect to see this pushed via social media, email marketing, and maybe even on television and radio.


DraftKings Super Pool Details

The Super Pool has $1,000,000 in guaranteed prizes, including a massive $250,000 to the first place winner. Remember, this is guaranteed so it does not have to “fill”, but it is expected to.

Yes, the season has started already but users will have until September 29th to sign up.

  • Buy-in: $500, max of three entries per user.
  • Date: Contest closes for entries 9/29 at 1 PM (Week 4)

The Contest begins on September 29th 2019 and concludes on December 31st 2019 (the “Contest Period”). The NFL playoffs are not included in the contest. Contestants shall earn points by making picks against the spread for NFL games. Contestants must make exactly seventy (70) picks over the duration of the Contest. These can be made in any configuration of the Contestant’s choosing. For example purposes only, a Contestant may choose to pick five (5) games during the 1st week, zero (0) games during the 2nd week, and ten (10) games during the 3rd week, provided, the total number of picks reached by the end of the Contest Period reaches seventy (70) in the aggregate. Any picks over the seventy (70) threshold shall not be counted. Contestants who enter fewer than seventy (70) picks shall not be disqualified, but shall receive zero (0) points for unpicked games.





Is it To Late Enter The Super Pool Contest?

Like other super contests, DraftKings Super Pool does NOT require any minimum picks on a weekly basis. Rather than five per week like others, this is just 70 total picks (max) throughout the regular season.

Each week of the regular season, you make your favorite picks on NFL games against the spread. Do you like three games in Week 3? Bet on them. Do you like six in Week 4? Go for it. The fun part is, you do not have to make a certain amount of picks each week…which makes this a very strategic contest. 

You can make 70 total picks in the regular season against the spread, so choose wisely!

There is a lot of money in play here, with a whopping 50% of the entire prize pool being awarded to the top three spots. Traditionally in these super contests, it comes down to the very end. Given the late start and unique rules (70 picks for the season), it is expected to be down to the wire.


How Can I Sign Up?


The Super Pool contest is available for players in the state of New Jersey. 

  1. Sign up for DraftKings Sportsbook here
  2. Receive your first bet matched up to $200, with a $500 deposit match.
  3. You can access the Super Pool on the DraftKings Sportsbook app or online sportsbook platform.

Join the DraftKings Sportsbook Super Pool, now!


How Do I Win?

Users will be ranked on the leader-board, as they compete for that $250K prize. The more picks you are successful with, the higher you will climb on the leader-board. You must make 70 picks. If you make less than 70 picks, you do not qualify. If you make more than 70 picks, all picks after 70 do not count.

Payout structure is as follows: