With the rise of fantasy football over the past decade-plus, we have seen a rising tide of new media content. Now, with legal NJ sports betting, along with 8 other states, it seems we’re headed for a similar trajectory.

According to a NBC news release, NBC Sports Radio has launched a new program geared toward sports betting called “The Daily Line”, hosted by Michael Jenkins (https://twitter.com/jenksnbcs) and Tim Murray (https://twitter.com/1timmurray).

Both guys have said they want the show to appeal to the casual bettor. “I don’t think anyone expects me to give a deep dive into my algorithm or spread sheets,” said Jenkins. “I’ve been to Vegas like 15 times. I love to gamble, but I’m not a degenerate gambler. We want to have conversations with the average sports fans.’

NBC Sportsbook Coming Soon?

Recently, NBC has also taken up plenty of domain names geared toward sports betting, prompting people to wonder if they’re planning to launch a sportsbook of their own. They’ve also launched a free-to-play sports predictor game, too.

The show will be like any other sports show, but instead, the emphasis will be on the betting angle, with guests and such to give insight to how fans should bet if they so choose. One can imagine that NJ Sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel and Caesars NFL partnership, could lead to ad dollars for NBC.

The Daily Line airs from 3-7p.m. ET every weekday on the NBC Sports Radio app.

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