We logged back-to-back winning weeks with my rabid dog selections by cashing two of three selections. Though I failed to hook another whale like the previous week, the Cincinnati Bengals certainly made it interesting in the StubHub Center against the Chargers. Regardless, they ended up comfortably covering the two touchdown spread but man would it have been awesome if we got to cash that +750 ticket!

We almost cashed another nice moneyline ticket with Baltimore who came a desperation fourth down conversion away from beating the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Regardless, they covered the 6.5 point spread with ease in a game they likely should’ve won.

If you see me back the Philadelphia Eagles in any way, shape or form over the next three weeks, ignore the suggestion or fade it; you’re call. They had no business being in that game with the Cowboys if you look at the box score. Even so, losing a bet with 3.5 points in your back pocket in overtime is brutal – Call me bitter!

Here’s to cashing in a third straight time in Week 15!

NFL Week 15 Rabid Dogs


Tampa Bay Buccaneers +8, +300 vs. Ravens

FanDuel Sportsbook: TB Bucs +7.5 (Free $500 Bet)
BetStars Sportsbook: TB Bucs +7 (Free Bet up to $500)
DraftKings Sportsbook: TB Bucs +8 (Free Bet up to $500)
SugarHouse Sportsbook: TB Bucs +7 ($250 Deposit Bonus)
Caesars Sportsbook: TB Bucs +7.5 (Free $100 Bet)
With three weeks remaining in the regular season, every matchup is of the playoff variety for the Ravens moving forward. It’s currently fighting the Steelers for AFC north supremacy. Should it lose the division, it’s still in the thick of the Wild card race with the Dolphins, Colts, Titans and Broncos all vying for that last playoff seed. The keys to the offense have officially been handed over to Lamar Jackson, and that’s a ton of pressure for a rookie to take on with only four NFL starts under his belt.

While I’m by no means enamored with the Buccaneers, they invade Baltimore with absolutely no pressure and nothing to lose. All the pressure in the world will be on Jackson to perform, and I’m not quite certain he’s ready at this point in his career to win such a huge game by a TD+ margin.

Washington Redskins +7, +265 vs. Jags

FanDuel Sportsbook: Redskins +7 (Free $500 Bet)
BetStars Sportsbook: Redskins +7.5 (Free Bet up to $500)
DraftKings Sportsbook: Redskins +7 (Free Bet up to $500)
SugarHouse Sportsbook: Redskins +7.5 ($250 Deposit Bonus)
Caesars Sportsbook: Redskins +7 (Free $100 Bet)
I have no idea who will be under center for either of these teams. I have no idea who will be running the pigskin for either of these teams. I don’t know who will be catching the pigskin for either of these teams. None of that means anything to me! Did you see the Jaguars quit at Tennessee last week? It’s all I needed to know that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for the Jags to be installed touchdown favorites against anyone at this point of the season. The team has given up on the season. I can’t say the same for the Redskins.

Getting rocked last week had more to do with Saquon Barkley and the fact that Mark
was under center. Neither of them will be on the field this week and the Skins own the better defense – Gimme the points!

Pittsburgh Steelers +2.5, +115 vs. Patriots

FanDuel Sportsbook: Steelers +2.5 (Free $500 Bet)
BetStars Sportsbook: Steelers +2.5 (Free Bet up to $500)
DraftKings Sportsbook: Steelers +2 (Free Bet up to $500)
SugarHouse Sportsbook: Steelers +2.5 ($250 Deposit Bonus)
Caesars Sportsbook: Steelers +2 (Free $100 Bet)
I get that New England has dominated this rivalry for seemingly forever. I get that Bill Belichick owns an enormous coaching advantage over Mike Tomlin. I get that the Patriots have won two straight and four of their last five visits to Heinz Field. Even so, I’m all in on the Steelers and firmly believe they finally put an end to their daunting five game losing streak to the Brady Bunch.

There’s something just not right with the defending AFC champs this season. They’ve absorbed losses to the Jaguars, Lions, Titans and Dolphins. None of them are currently locked into the playoffs. You know what else? New England lost every one of those games on the road. Do you know where this game is taking place? Big Ben, AB 84 and JuJu are going to eat against the Pats’ charitable pass defense and lead Pittsburgh to its biggest win of the season.

Carolina Panthers +6.5, +210 vs. Saints

FanDuel Sportsbook: Panthers +6 (Free $500 Bet)
BetStars Sportsbook: Panthers +6.5 (Free Bet up to $500)
DraftKings Sportsbook: Panthers +6 (Free Bet up to $500)
SugarHouse Sportsbook: Panthers +6.5 ($250 Deposit Bonus)
Caesars Sportsbook: Panthers +6 (Free $100 Bet)
It’s time for the Panthers to make a stand. Regardless of the Saints just retaking the NFC lead after battling back to oust the Saints last week, this game is taking place outdoors in front of what will be a sold out Bank of America Stadium with the home team in dire need of winning the game to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Add to the mix New Orleans winning not one, not two but all three meetings with the Panthers last season, and you have the perfect recipe for Carolina to put forth one of those “circle the wagons” type efforts that gets the team back on track and snaps the daunting losing streak.

Drew Brees has been in a rut the last three weeks, while Christian McCaffrey has played the type of ball that will find him get drafted in the top-10 of fantasy football drafts next season. Take the points and sprinkle some beer money on the moneyline at one of your favorite NJ Sportsbooks – Panthers outright!

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