DraftKings sportsbook pubic bets

An extremely important part of NJ sports betting, especially if you are betting for the long term, is watching who the public is on in the NFL.

Think about it this way: Sportsbooks aren’t in this industry to give money away for free. In Las Vegas, the books have not lost in a long time even for a month. Let alone a year. Therefore, the public is usually wrong (in the long run).

With that being said, the key is to find where the public will be correct and incorrect. That’s the key to being a successful bettor week in and week out.

Here’s the latest look at the Week 6 Public Betting numbers on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Team Spread % Handle (Spread) % Bets (Spread) Total Points Money Line
Panthers -2 70% 63% O 47.5 (-110) -125
Buccaneers 2 30% 37% U 47.5 (-110) 110
Texans 4 55% 38% O 55.5 (-108) 170
Chiefs -4 45% 62% U 55.5 (-113) -200
Eagles 3.5 78% 74% O 44 (-110) 148
Vikings -3.5 22% 26% U 44 (-110) -167
Seahawks -2 88% 91% O 46.5 (-110) -129
Browns 2 12% 9% U 46.5 (-110) 114
Bengals 10.5 36% 31% O 47.5 (-113) 425
Ravens -10.5 64% 69% U 47.5 (-108) -530
Saints 1.5 79% 87% O 43.5 (-110) 110
Jaguars -1.5 21% 13% U 43.5 (-110) -125
Redskins -3.5 43% 55% O 41.5 (-110) -177
Dolphins 3.5 57% 45% U 41.5 (-110) 155
49ers 3.5 60% 57% O 50.5 (-114) 148
Rams -3.5 40% 43% U 50.5 (-107) -167
Falcons -2.5 78% 73% O 51.5 (-110) -129
Cardinals 2.5 22% 27% U 51.5 (-110) 114
Cowboys -7 85% 91% O 44 (-110) -335
Jets 7 15% 9% U 44 (-110) 285
Titans 2 61% 55% O 40.5 (-110) 116
Broncos -2 39% 45% U 40.5 (-110) -132
Steelers 6.5 26% 31% O 40.5 (-110) 235
Chargers -6.5 74% 69% U 40.5 (-110) -278
Lions 3.5 30% 29% O 46.5 (-110) 170
Packers -3.5 70% 71% U 46.5 (-110) -200


Top Percentages (Handle)

Team, Spread, % of Handle

Seahawks -2 88%
Cowboys -7 85%

On DraftKings Sportsbook, there are only two games that have over 80% of the betting handle on one team.

The Seattle Seahawks travel to Cleveland to take on the Browns, in what is a battle of two talented rosters. The Seahawks are 4-1 while the Browns have started slow at 2-3 behind the struggles of Baker Mayfield and head coach Freddie Kitchens.

Seattle QB Russell Wilson is off to a hot start, throwing for over 1400 yards and 12 scores, but the Seattle running game has complemented Wilson well, as Chris Carson has nearly 400 yards on the ground himself for the Seahawks. The rushing attack will be a big test this week against the Browns‘ front, as the Seahawks will be without Duane Brown and despite poor results through five games, the Browns‘ defensive line is a talented group.

Sports bettors obviously like the Seahawks to stay hot, as they have a heavy amount of the tickets on the Seahawks to win by more than two points on the road. In Russell Wilson’s career, he is 33-24-1 on the road compared to 46-13 at home.

Bettors love the Cowboys this week, as 85% of the tickets have come in on Dallas to cover a touchdown against the Jets. New York will get its young quarterback Sam Darnold back this week, but sports bettors have not let that sway them to the Jets‘ side, as they are still a winless ball club facing a Cowboys team that has feasted on superior competition this season.

Week 1 – 35-17 win against the Giants
Week 2 – 31-21 win against the Redskins
Week 3 – 31-6 win against the Dolphins

In the last two weeks, the Cowboys fell to the Saints and Packers but bettors believe they will get back on track against a poor Jets team. With a spread of -7, expect the Cowboys to use a heavy dose of Ezekiel Elliott, especially if star left tackle Tyron Smith is active.


Top Percentages (Bets)

Team, Spread, % of Bets

Seahawks -2 91%
Cowboys -7 91%
Saints +1.5 87%

Two of the three games with more than 80% of the handle also have 90% or more of the total bets. Seattle and Dallas have been heavily bet on in Week 6 on DraftKings Sportsbook.

As aforementioned, the Seahawks are a much better team at home in recent years. But, bettors are not afraid of the matchup against the underachieving Browns, as 91% of the tickets have come in on Seattle for Week 6. This is the most liable bet for DraftKings Sportsbook this week.

The Cowboys have the overwhelming majority of the money on them at 91%, which is a big boost given they “only” have 85% of the tickets. What does this mean? Heavy money has come in on the Cowboys, which is most likely. With that being said, it’s not expected that many people have bet on the Jets. Given the fact that the Jets are a New Jersey favorite, some Jets fans may have bet a low dollar amount as a fan bet…thus creating the difference in tickets to handle.

New Orleans has a massive jump in tickets to handle this week, as the Saints had 79% of the total tickets but a massive 87% of the total handle on them at +1.5 against the Jaguars. This means that sharp money, and a lot of it, has likely come in on the Saints. With Alvin Kamara questionable and Jalen Ramsey’s status up in the air, bettors are leaning towards Kamara playing and Ramsey being out, it seems.

But either way, the Saints are by far the largest liability as an underdog for DraftKings Sportsbook this weekend, as bettors do not have much faith in Gardner Minshew beating the Saints at home in Jacksonville. Will Teddy Bridgewater win another game as the Saints quarterback? Bettors seem to think so.



There are six underdogs that have the majority of the bets on them this week, which is quite the high number.

Saints +1.5 79%
Eagles +3.5 78%
Titans +2 61%
49ers +3.5 60%
Dolphins +3.5 57%
Texans +4 55%

But, only four of these underdogs have the majority of the betting handle on them this week.

Saints +1.5 87%
Eagles +3.5 74%
49ers +3.5 57%
Titans +2 55%

The Eagles have been heavily bet on for a 3.5-point underdog, but some of that can be contributed to the hometown bettors in New Jersey, but the public has a lot of faith in the Eagles +3.5 on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Jason Ziernicki