Complete Guide To Online Blackjack NJ Casino Sites (+ Live Dealer)

Have you ever been walking around the casino, and you hear a dealer say “21!” or “Blackjack”? There is nothing like it, and in New Jersey you can play legal blackjack online from the confines of your own home or mobile device. At New Jersey online casinos, blackjack has become the most popular online casino table game by far. The classic casino game is just as much fun online as it is in person, and you can play multiple hands at a time depending on the online casino. Let’s look at everything blackjack at New Jersey online casinos, from bonuses, to game types, and more.


Top Blackjack Bonuses at New Jersey Online Casinos

DraftKings Online Casino offers daily blackjack promos that change by the week, which include:

  • Risk-free $20 for Blackjack
  • Play $10, Get $10
  • Hit Two (2) Blackjacks in a row, and get $10 in free credit
  • Get $1 in free credit per each hand, max $10 in credit

All of these vary, but check DraftKings Blackjack for the latest promotions. Some New Jersey online casinos also offer the following bonuses for new players:


How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple casino game that results in a player and a dealer facing off against each other. The goal of each hand is to reach “21” without going over. Each card is worth their respective numbers and “face cards” (Jack, Queen, King) are all worth 10. An ace is either one or eleven, and if a hand goes “over” 22 with the ace, it can be used as one in that hand. Here is how the game is played:

  • Dealer deals each player two cards, all face up except for one of the dealer’s cards. The dealer checks for “Blackjack” which is an ace and a 10 or face card. If the dealer has blackjack, the hand ends. If a player has blackjack, the game is a push.
  • Players are offered insurance if the dealer is showing an ace, which gives the house an edge.
  • If a player has blackjack, the payout is 3:2.
  • One the hand officially “begins”, players can “hit” or “stand”. Hitting means they get a card in hopes of drawing closer to 21. Standing means no more cards in hopes the dealer either busts or is not as close to 21. There are advanced tactics in which a player can either double down which involves doubling a wager and getting one card, split which means there are now two hands with a hand that is a pair of one number, or surrender meaning a player folds after two cards, losing “less”.


Types of Blackjack at New Jersey Online Casinos

There are various types of online blackjack in New Jersey. Here are the types of blackjack one can play:

  • Live Dealer Blackjack
  • Side Bet Blackjack – Side bets are optional
  • Cash Queens – Bonuses are given to those who have queens or other specific hands.
  • Mega Match – If player and dealer match suited kings and queens, 5000-1 payout, if player has suited king and queen, 50-1 payout. Two cards of the same suit is a 2-1 payout.
  • Crazy 7s – Various rewards based on the number seven
    • If three cards are suited sevens is 2000-1 payout
    • Three are unsuited sevens is 500-1
    • Two suited sevens is 150-1
    • Two unsuited sevens is 15-1
    • Any seven is 5-1
  • Pair Play – If the first two cards are a pair, it is a 12-1 payout.
  • Any Blackjack – Blackjack is 18-1 if dealt blackjack.
  • Micro Limit
  • Multi Player Blackjack


Live Dealer Blackjack in New Jersey

Live dealer blackjack is the latest and greatest in online casino gaming in New Jersey, and it is another version of online blackjack. It is the same as playing blackjack in a regular casino with a live dealer, just via video feed from the comforts or your own home. Live dealer blackjack is not offered everywhere, but more and more online casinos in New Jersey are beginning to offer the popular game. Overall, it is faster than a regular in-person game of blackjack but slower than playing online blackjack at your favorite online casino with digital dealers.

Want to try live dealer blackjack in New Jersey? Check out the top 3 live dealer blackjack online casinos, here.


Where Can I Play Online Blackjack in New Jersey?

You can play online blackjack in New Jersey as long as you are located in the state, physically. There are many online casino options that allow for online blackjack, here are a few that offer online blackjack and/or live dealer blackjack in New Jersey:

Mobile Blackjack at New Jersey Online Casinos

If you are located in the state of New Jersey, keep in mind that you can play mobile blackjack on your smartphone if you wish. As long as you are physically in the state and eligible to play, you can play blackjack. New Jersey online blackjack is available on both Android and iOS platforms, which makes nearly every smartphone a device that allows you to play your favorite game of blackjack nearly anywhere. Keep in mind, the mobile versions of most casino apps or clients are more limited than desktop versions.


Can I Make Money Playing Online Blackjack in New Jersey?

Of course, it is possible to make money playing online blackjack. There is always the risk that you will lose, but it is all based on playing the numbers. Traditionally, blackjack has the lowest odds of “take”, which means bettors can play longer with their money over the long term. A term to be familiar with is called “RTP”, or return to player. This is a rate of the money paid out after being put in. For example if there was $100 and there was a RTP rate of 99%, that means $99 of that $100 was put back into play with the casino of course keeping that last dollar. Blackjack is traditionally known as the game with the highest RTP rate. Currently, some online casinos in New Jersey have games that offer 99.87% RTP, and most are over 99.5%. You can make money playing online blackjack in New Jersey, just keep RTP in mind as over the long run it will be under 100% return.


Is Online Blackjack Better than Live Blackjack?

When it comes to playing blackjack, there are a few differences to take into account. Online blackjack goes much quicker than regular live blackjack. For example, online blackjack does not rely on human elements or delays. There’s no drink ordering, less distractions, and more. In addition, the table minimums are far more flexible online. At most Atlantic City casinos, blackjack holds a $5 hand minimum. Not to mention, it’s likely only one or two tables. Online blackjack have very low minimum bets as some casinos allow you to wager just 10 cents! Another benefit to online blackjack are the amount of “tables” and game types relative to live casinos. In addition, online blackjack results in a shuffle for each hand. The rules are more favorable in terms of potential profit at online casinos in New Jersey.