PointsBet introduces a new way to bet on baseball for the 2019 season. Introducing “Batter’s Box”, a live in-game wagering option focused on a faster pace of MLB betting.

A quote from PointsBet‘s CIO Seth Young sums it up best:

“To say we are excited is an understatement as PointsBet is unveiling a product that can save baseball. Batter’s Box will create micro-markets in every inning of a baseball game, allowing our clients to bet on what’s going to happen in any individual at bat to result in one of three outcomes – hit, out, or walk/hit-by-pitch. PointsBet’s Batter’s Box shortens a long, drawn-out game into exciting, heart-pumping batter-by-batter action. The average baseball game has 75 at-bats, and with our innovation, all of those at-bats will become exciting betting opportunities for baseball fans.”

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How Batter’s Box Works

It’s the bottom of the ninth, the Phillies are down one run, and Andrew McCutchen comes to the plate. What do you think happens?

Now, you can bet on that with PointsBet‘s “Batter’s Box”.

It’s quite simple, you can bet on each and every at-bat, and what outcome will happen. For baseball, you can bet money lines, totals, run lines, first inning runs, and props. But all of those take the course of an entire game (with exception of the first inning run bets) instead. Batter’s Box will allow you to bet on the individual parts of a baseball game, making the game more exciting!

Will Rhys Hoskins record a hit this at-bat? Will he walk or get hit by a pitch? Will he be retired? In theory, all of these can be bet on with “Batter’s Box” from PointsBet. You will also be able to place bets on the next two to three batters in the lineup. If those batters do not get a chance to hit due to the inning-ending, the bet will be voided of course.

In-Game Betting

Let’s face it, baseball is a different animal than the other sports. In football, you have constant action every single snap. In basketball, it’s a free-flowing game that ends with north of 100 baskets a game most nights. In hockey, it’s even more free-flowing.

Baseball is an event-driven sport. For gambling, the in-game aspect of baseball makes it far more interesting and keeps you on your toes. For those that are not baseball fans, the number one “complaint” is simple.

It’s boring.

In-game betting with the ability to have action on an at-bat by at-bat basis will help those disinterested in baseball, which is all that baseball itself wants.

PointsBet continues to thrive in terms of innovation, be sure to give it a try by using your FREE $50 Bet today woth no deposit needed.

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Jason Ziernicki