With the latest data from William Hill Sportsbook, we can look at Week 1 Betting Trends for College Football. For most New Jersey residents and visitors, this will be the first Week 1 of college football where you can place bets online with ease.

You can take advantage of this data (and some trends since last week mentioned below) to get on the side of the public, or on the other side depending how you view each game.

Bet these games on William Hill if you are in New Jersey for Week 1 of the College Football season! Whether you are in Atlantic City or on your phone, you can bet on anything college football at NJ Online Sportsbooks.


Top Games – Ticket Volume

Game – % of Tickets on Team, (Spread)

Game % of Tickets Wagered Spread
Florida Atlantic vs Ohio State 91% on Ohio State -27.5
Utah vs BYU 87% on Utah -5.5
Georgia vs Vanderbilt 86% on Georgia -21.5
Middle Tennessee State vs Michigan 84% on Michigan -34
Kent State vs Arizona State 83% on Arizona State -25
Georgia State vs Tennessee 83% on Tennessee -26
Rice vs Army 80% on Army -22

Last week, there were seven games that had 90% or more of the total tickets on one side, but now that is only one with FAU and Ohio State. There are only three games with 85% of more of the tickets on one side, FAU vs OSU, Utah vs BYU and UGA vs Vandy. The numbers have come in more even in the last week, but there are still quite a few games with a large amount of tickets on one side.

Last week, 90% of tickets were on Akron +17, but now that is down to 66% Akron, which is a huge drop off.


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Top Games – Money Wagered Volume

Game – % of Money Wagered on Team, (Spread)

Game % of Money Wagered Spread
Middle Tennessee State vs Michigan 99% on Michigan -34
Georgia State vs Tennessee 97% on Tennessee -26
Rice vs Army 95% on Army -22
Virginia vs Pittsburgh 94% on Virginia -2.5
Utah vs BYU 93% on Utah -5.5
Colorado State vs Colorado 93% on Colorado -13
Missouri vs Wyoming 92% on Missouri -17.5

The numbers for a lot of these games are skill heavily on one side, but it has tamed slightly compared to last week.

There are three games with 95% or more of the money all on one side, and all of them are all 22-point favorites or higher. The second tier as you can see above are games that are within 17.5 points, but those four games are all 92% of more of the money on one side.

Last week, there were 20 games with 90% or more of the money on one side. Now a week later, there are only 11 games with 90% of more on one side. Just three games have 95% of the money compared to last week’s seven games.

This is crazy. There are 20 games where 90% or more of the money is on one side for Week 1. This includes seven games that have more than 95% of the money on one side.

Last week, New Mexico State had 95% of the money on them, despite being 32.5 point underdogs. This week, that has dropped all the way to 69 percent, so a lot of money has come in on Washington State.


Notable Games

In New Jersey, most will be focused on local teams as well as national powerhouses…but a lot of Week 1 games do not include local games. Let’s take a look at some notable games for Week 1.

Georgia Tech vs Clemson

  • Clemson -37
  • 52% of Tickets are on GT +37
  • 61% of Money is on Clemson -37

South Carolina vs North Carolina

  • SCAR -9.5
  • 76% of Tickets are on SCAR -9.5
  • 92% of Money is on SCAR -9.5

Virginia Tech vs Boston College

  • Virginia Tech -4.5
  • 60% of Tickets are on VT -4.5
  • 79% of Money is on VT -4.5

Oregon vs Auburn

  • AUB -3.5
  • 59% of Tickets are on ORE +3.5
  • 58% of Money is on AUB -3.5

Notre Dame vs Louisville

  • ND – 20.5
  • 73% of Tickets are on ND -20.5
  • 84% of Money is on ND -20.5

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Jason Ziernicki