One of the more fascinating betting trends to monitor in NJ online sports betting is the NFL MVP Odds market. During the NFL off-season, the odds will be released and there is always immediate movement based on initial bets.

As the summer goes on, the odds will move yes, but measuring just how much people are betting and on who is a fascinating topic.

William Hill Sportsbook has released via their Twitter account (@WilliamHillUS) some trends for 2019 NFL MVP. It shows the top 10 in dollars wagered, and also the top 10 in total betting tickets.

Carson Wentz Leads MVP Betting at William Hill

William Hill NJ

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Aaron Donald MVP Odds

It’s no surprise that the top seven in total dollars wagered are all quarterbacks, but what is interesting is Aaron Donald at 4% of money wagered, and he comes in at 8% of total tickets.

Currently at William Hill, Donald is 150/1, meaning a $10 bet would yield $1500 if Donald were to win the MVP. Is that likely to happen? No. But at 150/1, bettors are taking a chance.

The last non-QB to win NFL MVP was LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006, and the last defensive player to win MVP was Lawrence Taylor in 1986. It’s been 33 years since a defensive player has won the award, which gives William Hill comfort regardless of the odds of Aaron Donald.

Carson Wentz 14/1 Odds

Wentz not only leads all money wagered with 19%, but he also has the most tickets at 9%. Is 14/1 too low for Wentz? That remains to be seen, but you can be sure a lot of New Jersey bettors are raising that number by betting on Wentz, given the proximity to Philadelphia and the overwhelming amount of Eagles fans in southern New Jersey.

Wentz was seen as a top MVP candidate two seasons ago, before he was injured during the Eagles’ Super Bowl run. William Hill NJ was also the first sportsbook to push the Eagles over-under win total to 10 during the off-season.

Cam Newton comes in right behind Wentz at 8%, and although he is not considered to be one of the top MVP candidates this season, 75/1 for a QB that won the MVP four seasons ago is far too good of a price to pass up.

Kyler Murray Action

Another interesting tidbit from William Hill’s charts is certainly Kyler Murray. We all know about the buzz being generated by the NFL 1st overall pick in Arizona with an offensive mastermind in Kliff Kingsbury, but for him to be fourth in total money wagered is a bit odd.

How so? The fact that he is not on the list of leaders in total tickets, but still has 7% of the total money wagered on him to win the MVP means one of two things:

1. Someone bet a lot of money on Kyler to win the MVP.
2. Each bet on Kyler Murray is for a higher amount than normal, causing the % wagered to increase.

We are prone to believe the first one is true, given the odds at William Hill are still at 150/1. If many players came in and wagered a higher-than-normal amount on Murray, those odds would have likely fallen.

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