Everyone wants to know who everyone else is betting on.

That information is not easy to find, but luckily William Hill provides us with NFL Public Betting trends each week of the season.

Let’s take a look at who the public is on for Week 4 of the NFL at William Hill US sportsbooks.


NFL Week 4 Public Betting Percentages


Matchup Spread Total % of Tickets on Spread % of Money on Spread
Chiefs vs Lions KC -6.5 55 93% Chiefs 86% Chiefs
Patriots vs Bills NE -7 42.5 87% Patriots 88% Patriots
Seahawks vs Cardinals SEA -5 48 86% Seahawks 78% Seahawks
Browns vs Ravens BAL -7 45 78% Ravens 80% Ravens
Panthers vs Texans HOU -4.5 47 77% Texans 80% Texans
Raiders vs Colts IND -7 45 77% Colts 63% Colts
Cowboys vs Saints DAL -2.5 47 73% Cowboys 67% Cowboys
Vikings vs Bears CHI -2 38 70% Vikings 85% Vikings
Jaguars vs Broncos DEN -3 38 70% Jaguars 51% Broncos
Redskins vs Giants NYG -3 49.5 69% Giants 53% Giants
Titans vs Falcons ATL -4 45.5 65% Falcons 59% Titans
Bucs vs Rams LAR -9.5 49 60% Rams 74% Bucs
Chargers vs Dolphins LAC -15.5 44.5 59% Dolphins 78% Dolphins
Bengals vs Steelers PITT -4 44 55% Steelers 71% Bengals


As you can see, there is a lot of tickets and money on the favorites for Week 4.

Only three games have more of the tickets going to the underdog (Vikings, Jaguars, and Dolphins), while only five games have a majority of the money on the underdog (Vikings, Titans, Bucs, Dolphins, Bengals). This is a very big week for William Hill Sportsbook, as they will want a lot of underdogs to cover.


Top Ticket Bets NFL Week 4

Team, Spread, % of Tickets


Chiefs -6.5 93%

The Chiefs have the most tickets of any team this week on them, as the public is betting heavily on them to beat the Detroit Lions by more than a touchdown. There has been much discussion this week about Patrick Mahomes and this Chiefs offense indoors on turf, and the 2-0-1 Lions have been…thrown to the lions…so to speak. With a massive 93% of the tickets on the Chiefs to cover, William Hill and other NJ online sportsbooks will be hoping for a close one in Detroit.

Patriots -7 87%

Coming in behind the Chiefs is the Patriots, who are traveling to Buffalo being favored by exactly seven points. The Patriots have covered at least seven points in five straight games, and the closest was last season where the Pats won 24-12. The public is certainly siding with that trend, as 87% are betting heavily on the Pats to win by more than a score.

Seahawks -5 86%

In what may be a surprise to some, the Seahawks are third on the list of most tickets this weekend, coming in at 86% of the tickets at -5 favorites. They travel to Arizona to take on the winless Cardinals, after three close games to begin the season. The public has no faith in rookie QB or head coach for Arizona, but William Hill will be.


Top Money Bets Week 4

Team, Spread, % of Money


Patriots -7 88%

As we discussed above, the Pats have 87% of the tickets for this game. But, they lead all teams with 88% of the money coming in on them to cover those seven points against the Bills. Will this be six straight games ATS for Tom Brady against the Bills? We will see.

Chiefs -6.5 86%

93% of tickets have come in on the Chiefs, but “only” 86% of the money has come in on them. Either way, they are being heavily bet on by the public to cover 6.5 points against Detroit inside. But there is a bit of a discrepancy between the tickets and money. We’ll factor this towards a lot of smaller bettors just taking KC, but there could be some bigger money coming in on the Lions. We’ll see, but the Chiefs are a popular bet this weekend.

Vikings +2 85%

This NFC North matchup between Vikings and Bears has drawn a lot of attention, as the Vikings have a massive 85% of the money on them as an underdog. This does not happen often, but given how successful the Vikings running game and defense has been this season and the struggles of Mitch Trubisky, the public really likes Minnesota to upset the Bears, or at least come within two points. Expect this line to move a bit more before kickoff.



Jason Ziernicki