If you haven’t jumped on the NJ sports betting app bandwagon for one reason or another, now would be the time.

Yahoo Sports and BetMGM’s partnership is now live!

A few weeks ago, the partnership was announced between the two media giants that allowed for Yahoo to push BetMGM on their mobile application and more.

If you are in the state of New Jersey and legally allowed to bet, you will be able to click through the BetMGM odds via the Yahoo Sportsbook and bet on the BetMGM online sportsbook. Yahoo Sports and BetMGM’s partnership makes it very easy to view the odds, decide on a bet, and complete the bet on BetMGM’s platform.

New Jersey players will receive up to $500 in free bets on BetMGM upon signup and deposit.


Yahoo Sportsbook….Kind Of

In addition to Yahoo Sports’ “Game Picks” feature, already on and available everywhere, users will see plenty of other odds and betting options on each game.

You will see Money Lines, Spread, Totals, and a “Bet Now” button which takes you directly to BetMGM Sportsbook, to place a wager.

These odds are not Yahoo Sports’, they are BetMGM’s odds and the BetMGM Sportsbook is integrated into the Yahoo Sports app for New Jersey (and certainly other states, when the time comes).

To be clear, no betting is taking place on Yahoo Sports’ app, or Yahoo Sportsbook. Yahoo Sports is working directly as a massive affiliate partner to BetMGM.

What this means is, BetMGM and Yahoo Sports’ partnership allows for BetMGM affiliate links to be posted all over Yahoo Sports’ app, website and more. The traffic directed to BetMGM from Yahoo is what (presumably) will be the compensation model for the partnership.


Yahoo & BetMGM Partnership Details

Announced in late October, the partnership between BetMGM and Yahoo Sports was a notable one.

The deal allows for BetMGM (MGM Resorts) to place Yahoo Sports content all across its platforms and physical properties, and in turn it allows Yahoo Sports to host events at MGM Resorts physical properties, such as casinos. The next logical step is the ability to transition these players into the BetMGM online casino and app.

In addition, the BetMGM app is integrated into the Yahoo Sports app, as shown above for easy-access betting navigation.

For all those using the Yahoo Sports app, it is just a few clicks away from betting on a game in legal states. To begin, it starts in New Jersey but will certainly extend to others after BetMGM enters those markets.

The BetMGM Casino app could end up as winner here as new players will certainly be introduced to the BetMGM portfolio, which also includes the Borgata online sportsbook.

(Photos from Yahoo Sports, BetMGM, Verizon Media)



Jason Ziernicki